Highlighting One Cobalt Blue Wall with Paisley Curtains

Aug 12th

Paisley curtains – Painting a cobalt blue wall is a bold decorative choice that requires delicacy and care to be successful. The challenge is to enhance the color without overwhelming the room. Use basic principles of color and balance decor to create an energizing, but nice room.

New Paisley Curtains
New Paisley Curtains

The cobalt blue is a vivid and pure color that may seem shocking alone. Soften it by adding paisley curtains complementary colors. The crisp white or light gray in the details, the tapestries or the curtains enhance a wall that color. To create a smooth look, use a theme of monochromatic colors, selecting two lighter shades of blue for the furniture and details. For a burst of color to highlight a cobalt blue wall, add some decorations in bright yellow, like a cushion or a flower arrangement that color. However, use yellow sparingly, so it does not ruin your decor.

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As the cobalt blue is a saturated color, it may be too intense for the eyes. When using it as a detail in the room, do not use the solid blue. Instead, select draperies or curtains with patterns or textures, like chess, paisley curtains or stripes. This highlights the wall, but provides visual interest to the room.

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