How to Build Antler Chandeliers

Jun 9th

Most do it yourself enthusiasts can rely on their own antler chandeliers for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Purchase a kit lighting chandelier with all components or purchase the items separately.  Place two or more horns preferred pattern on a table. Some poles can interlock and partially retains its shape. Make a circular antlers and add other to form a pattern downward or upward pattern. Connect the lamp or wiring to each socket. Loosen the two screws on each socket with a small screwdriver.

Rustic Antler Chandeliers
Rustic Antler Chandeliers

Holes in the horns to run electrical wiring each shot. This method, all wiring is concealed for a professional look. After the shot, pass the wiring through the hole in the horns at one end and out of the horns at the other end. Connect all plugs and cables in this method. Let a long wiring length on top of the spider for antler chandeliers.

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Wire lamp plug on the end with the neutral wire attached to the wider antler chandeliers end of the plug under the screw and the hot wire under the other screw. Tightly screw with a screwdriver. This method will connect the lamp to a power outlet to turn off and unplug it to turn it off.

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