Ideas for Make a Rack with Venetian Blinds

Aug 10th

Venetian blinds – shallow design platforms can be expensive, but you can make your own wall shelves shallow Venetian blinds reused. Venetian blinds, especially the variety of genuine wood are the perfect size for wall shelves shallow, and are per-finished and ready for assembly. All you need to do is get strong enough to support the shelves and wall mounting brackets.

Contemporary Venetian Blinds
Contemporary Venetian Blinds

Measure the Venetian blind with his tape measure and decide how long you want your platform is. If you want the platform is shorter than it is currently, use a ruler to draw a straight line marking where you want to cut the blind. Keep your regent in place near the line, and run the knife along the line, using the ruler as a guide. Venetian blinds usually have a veneer finish that chip if you attempt to cut without scoring first. Turn the blind one and record the other side in the same place. Cut the Venetian blind with a saw along the shore line.  Sand the rough edges with sandpaper until you have a smooth finish.

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Place a rack mount flush with one end of the Venetian blind and mark the center of the support with the stylus.  Make pencil marks on the blind for each wall bracket with a support as a guide. Insert a drill bit in an electric drill that correlates with the breadth of the screw. Drill a hole in each of your pencil marks. Mount the brackets on the wall with screws and the electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Place the Venetian blinds through the shelf brackets and make sure that the platform focuses on the supports. Use your drilled holes as a guide to align the platform supports. Screw platform supports the top.

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