Linen Ikat Curtains and Other Fabric

Jul 24th

Ikat curtains – With a little planning and the use of cheap fabrics, you can dress your windows in a way that not only reflects his personal style but serves as a focal point of the room. Linen fabric is a natural fabric based on the flax plant fiber, and dates back thousands of years. This fabric is strong and has an easy fall, soft, making it a natural choice when selecting fabrics for curtains. It comes in a variety of fabrics and woven anywhere from semi-transparent to almost opaque. Linen curtains made to last for years.

Navy Ikat Curtains
Navy Ikat Curtains

All kinds of vintage fabrics like traditionally ikat curtains can be used. Dishcloths are easily made in cafe curtains or valances, while table linen reuse can be used for long curtains panels. Vintage fabrics are easily available in thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales, so you can usually get at an affordable price.

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Other ikat curtains of linen, burlap fabric may good choice. Burlap is a natural light fabric made of jute fibers, thick. It comes in a variety of colors, but more commonly is used for curtains in their natural brown color. Window treatments made of burlap tend to be simple and used in shabby chic or cottage-like decoration, often combined with under-layers of lace or white cotton, or decorated with a printed word black or graphic design flyers directly on burlap.

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