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Do you know the Monster High ? Far from being Barbie dolls , Monster High girls are totally crazy in a fantasy world populated by vampires, werewolves , witches and many other magical creatures! Among the Monster High dolls there's first Abbey Bominable , a daughter of yeti with blue skin and violet eyes , with two sharp fangs and whose favorite dish is the yak cheese and pancakes . She loves to snowboard and she never leaves home without at least one fur garment!  Thanks to her special crystal necklace she can stay fresh in every season! She's accompanied by an adorable baby mammoth named Shiver .Then perhaps you know Demew Catrine , the daughter of a werewolf cat , she's very passionate about drawing and is also a painting perfectionist . She loves milfoil but also stores her drawing and painting equipment , which is a pretty good idea after use ! Perhaps after a lot of practice coloring you'll be able to draw as well as her! There's also Catty Black , whose skin is as black as coal , and she's also the daughter of a cat werewolf . Catty Black is an exceptional singer but she's very superstitious , so she can't go on stage without first walking under a ladder !She loves answering letters from her fans and wears striking clothing , so you can color them with bright colors if you want , or completely change the usual colors of her clothes by drawing outfits in pastel colors.

Another notable characters exists in Monster High, her name is Clawdia Wolf, a werewolf girl with blond hair and coppery skin, which spends a lot of time writing and she also loves sausages with mashed potatoes. Her ​​younger sister Clawdeen has an adorable cat as a pet named Crescent , or the famous daughter of Dracula, Draculaura , whose pink and black hair creates the most beautiful effect ! Like most vampires, poor Draculaura is unable to look in the mirror , but what is more amazing is that she is a vegetarian ! As eating fruits and vegetables is very good for your health perhaps it's the secret of her longevity ! And finally you can find Frankie Stein , daughter of Frankenstein, whose green skin and bolts in the neck makes the look very special !

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