The Best Valance Curtain Style

Jul 11th

Valance curtain – A valance is a short curtain. Valances are types of window treatments hanging from the window anywhere from a third to halfway. Use borders by themselves or in combination with other types of window coverings. Valances come in many different styles, which allow you to find the right fit the decor of your home. A valance straight valance is a standard hanging down the window about a third of the way. This border can fit exactly the width of the window or be a little wider, creating fullness in the fabric. A border line can be very simple or have different fabrics for the front and rear.

Nice Valance Curtain
Nice Valance Curtain

Two parts make up a shade coffee. A set of curtains covers the lower half of the windows; the other part is a border that covers only about one third of the upper half of the window. Cafe curtains are often seen in kitchens and rooms where complete privacy is a necessity, but a little privacy they wanted from time to time. Cafe valance curtain can add a country or a French style to your room, depending on what type of fabric you choose to use, and what impressions of the fabric.

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A scalloped valance has a scalloped edge that can be used as a header for panel curtains or by itself. A scalloped valance normally fits exactly on the other side of the window, giving it a more modern look and a sleeker look. A scalloped valance curtain has a scalloped lower edge can be decorated with ribbons or other ornaments curtains. You can either glue or sew the decorations on if you are doing one yourself. To form the scallops, find out how many want and fold the fabric to have cut the number of layers.

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